Discover funky and stylish home decor ideas in the 70s color palette to give your space a retro makeover. Dive into creative tips and inspiration!

Today we’re traveling back in time to one of my favorite decades for interior design inspiration – the 1970s. If you want to add a touch of retro charm to your apartment, the bright and eclectic color palettes of the 70s are what you need. Let’s dive into some exciting ways to bring these shades into your home.

Main conclusions:

  • Learn how to incorporate the 70s color palette into your home decor.
  • Discover unique and stylish ideas for every room.
  • Find practical tips to recreate these retro looks in your own space.

70’s Color Palette Home Decor Ideas

Why the 70s?

The 70s are all about bold colors, geometric patterns and a mix of natural and synthetic materials. This decade celebrated individuality and self-expression through home decor. Think about it warm oranges, earthy brown, olive greensand yellow mustard. These colors can bring coziness, nostalgia to any space.

Living room: embrace earthy tones

Warm and cozy atmosphere

Warm and cozy atmosphere - 70's color palette Home decor ideasWarm and cozy atmosphere - 70's color palette Home decor ideas

The living room is the heart of your home, so it’s the perfect place to start. To channel the quintessential ’70s, focus on earth tones I like it rich brown, deep orangesand olive greens. These colors create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Recovery Tips:

  • Walls: Paint the accent wall in a burnt orange or rusty brown for a bold statement.
  • Furniture: Look for vintage-style items with wooden frames and velvet upholstery in earth tones.
  • Decor: Add macramé rugs, patterned pillows, and throw rugs for texture.

Statement of Furniture

Statement of FurnitureStatement of Furniture

One iconic piece that screams ’70s is this sunken living room or a talking pit. ​​​​​​While this may be difficult to recreate in a small apartment, you can mimic the look with a large sectional sofa in a bright color.

Recovery Tips:

  • Choose a low sofa in yellow mustard or olive green.
  • Arrange seating around a central coffee table to encourage socializing.
  • Add some floor cushions or ottomans for extra seating.

Kitchen: bright colors

Bright and cheerful

Bright and cheerfulBright and cheerful

The kitchen is another great space to experiment with 70s colors. Consider incorporating bright colors along with natural materials such as wood and stone.

Recovery Tips:

  • Cabinets: If you’re feeling bold, paint your cabinets a bright color, e.g sunflower yellow or turquoise.
  • Accessories: Add colorful appliances (think retro refrigerators) and cookware.
  • Back panel: Use patterned tiles with geometric shapes in bright colors.

Ancient technology

Ancient technologyAncient technology

Vintage or vintage-style appliances can go a long way in conveying a retro vibe. Look for things like an old-fashioned toaster or a colorful mixer.

Recovery Tips:

  • Search thrift stores or online marketplaces for vintage appliances.
  • If you can’t find the original, many companies make new retro-style appliances.
  • For maximum effect, place these items prominently on the counter.

Bedroom: Serene Sanctuary

Soft and calm

Soft and calmSoft and calm

In the bedroom, you can tone down the bright colors a bit for a more relaxed atmosphere. Focus on softer shades of 70s colors, for example sage green, yellow mustardand soft brown.

Tips for reproduction:

  • Bed linen: Choose bedding in soft earth tones. Mix different textures for added interest.
  • Walls: Paint one wall a soft green or use wallpaper with a subtle 70s pattern.
  • Decor: Incorporate natural elements such as wooden furniture and houseplants.

Fun patterns

Fun patternsFun patterns

Patterns were big in the 70s, so don’t be afraid to mix things up. Geometric patterns, florals and paisleys can work together as long as you keep them in the same color scheme.

Recovery Tips:

  • Use patterned wallpaper sparingly – maybe just one accent wall or even the ceiling!
  • Mix patterned pillows and blankets on the bed.
  • Look for vintage lampshades with bright patterns.

Bathroom: Retro Refresh

Bold and handsome

Bold and handsomeBold and handsome

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to decor, but they’re the perfect place to play with bold 70s colors. Think bright tiles, colored sinks and trendy accessories.

Recovery Tips:

  • tiles: Choose vibrant patterned tiles on the floor or as a backsplash.
  • Lamps: If you find colored sinks or tubs (think avocado green or blue), they can be real eye-catchers.
  • Accessories: Add a retro touch with items like a macrame shower curtain or vintage soap dispensers.

Plant life

Plants were a big part of 70s decor, and they’re perfect for livening up your bathroom. Choose plants that thrive in humidity, such as ferns or spiders.

Tips for reproduction:

  • Place potted plants on shelves or windowsills.
  • Hang plants from the ceiling in macrame holders.
  • Use vintage planters for an authentic touch.

Dining area: eclectic elegance

Mix and match

Mix and matchMix and match

The dining area is another opportunity to have fun with the colors of the 70s. Don’t be afraid to mix different shades and patterns for an eclectic look.

Recovery Tips:

  • Furniture: Look for a wooden dining table with mismatched chairs in different colors.
  • Bed linen: Use tablecloths or coasters with bright 70s patterns.
  • lighting: A retro chandelier or pendant light can be a great focal point.

Art and accessories

Art and accessoriesArt and accessories

Artwork and accessories can really bring your dining room together. Look for vintage posters, wallpaper and tableware.

Recovery Tips:

  • Hang vintage artwork or posters on the walls.
  • Use retro-style tableware and glassware.
  • Add a fresh flower centerpiece to a vintage vase.

Final touches: all together

Consistency is key

While it’s fun to play with different colors and patterns, try to keep some consistency throughout your home. Choose a few key colors from the 70s palette and use them differently in each room.

Recovery Tips:

  • Create a mood board before you start decorating to see how different elements will work together.
  • Stick to a few primary colors and use different shades and patterns in this palette.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix old and new – vintage items go well with modern furniture.


Bringing 70s color palette home decor ideas into your space is all about being bold and having fun decorating. Whether you go for bold walls and furniture or just add a few retro touches here and there, you’re sure to create a stylish and unique home that reflects your personality.

Happy decorating, friends! And remember, it’s all about making your space feel you. So go ahead and have fun with those 70’s vibes!

Feel free to leave any questions or share your own 70s decor tips in the comments below!

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